With our proprietary Million Dollar Body Weight Loss Program, your consultant will meet with you weekly on a one-on-one basis, either in person or virtually, to give you individualized weight loss guidance, comprehensive feedback, and personalized meal planning.

As a Client, You Are the Only Focus!

Aren’t you tired of losing weight in the past only to regain it in the present? So let’s forget about all that and transform you toward a healthier future!

It is our passion to give you encouragement, constant motivation, and expert advice so that you can accomplish your weight loss goal! During each personal coaching session, you will learn key habits and the right strategies for dropping 10’s pounds and keeping them off.

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We guarantee you will lose weight within *60 days or your money back.


Step 1.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

Step 2.

Getting Your Nutrition Solution Program

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The First Call.

Getting started on a weight loss plan can seem challenging, but feel confident we will be with you every step of the way. 

An experienced weight loss consultant will be with you from the beginning to ensure that your goals are met. You will start by assessing your health goals then designing a tailored plan to meet your specific needs.

There is a plan for everyone, and every person deserves one that suits their lifestyle. By committing to your goal, we will commit to helping you achieve it!

Putting Your Plan into Action.

Now that you have personalized meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and a tracker, you are ready to go. Throughout the twelve weeks, you will be in contact with a certified nutritionist twice a week. Expert responses are given to any questions you may have and assistance in navigating any detours you may experience. We will provide you with a clear road map to ensure your weight loss journey is successful.

Prepare yourself for a fun weight loss experience like no other!

You will receive delicious recipes, grocery lists, a weight loss journal, accountability meetings, and a consultant to help you succeed. We are committed to you every day.

  • Easy-to-Apply Nutritional Blueprint
  • Grocery Lists (Now you know what to buy and what to avoid)
  • 20+ Quick & Easy Recipes You’ll Love!
  • Weightloss Journal
  • Accountability Meetings
  • Plus, a Certified Nutritionist with you every step of the way!

Continuing on the Journey...

Your one-on-one consultant will meet with you at least twice a week. As early as the third or fourth week, you are likely to begin seeing the exciting changes you’ve been dreaming of for so long. With the new eating techniques you will learn, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you will have. 

Get ready to experience a whole new paradigm for your metabolism that will boost weight loss and energy levels, all without going to the gym.

You can expect to lose virtually *30-40 pounds or more by following the Million Dollar Body plan!

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results.



Founder, and Lead Nutritionist Consultant, Maher Elusini’s C.N., C.N.C. work has profoundly impacted executives, entrepreneurs, and couples who wish to lose weight, increase their energy, and regain peak health.

Using years of refined experience and information from his training and certification, Maher’s consulting services will undoubtedly help you reach your goals. His passion and knowledge will guide you in making informed decisions and garnering a healthy relationship with food that will leave you feeling happier and more energized.

With The Million Dollar Body® Program, you will get the most effective nutritional plans and health consulting services focused on helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals without ever going to the gym.

The Benefits of Working with Certified Experts

There is no easy way to navigate the dark when you are on your own. The same is true of changing bad eating habits developed over the years. However, as your weight loss consultant we will help you set realistic goals and create a diet plan that’s so easy to follow that you’ll wonder how you lived this way for so long!

Instead of dieting on your own, turn to our experienced weight loss consulting team for lasting success.

We look forward to serving you.

The MILLION DOLLAR BODY PROGRAM is based on extensive research that delivers proven results!

Lose weight in 3 easy steps :

  • Schedule your consultation with a certified nutrition consultant
  • Get your customized million dollar body plan program
  • Begin to lose weight with a one-on-one private consultant until you achieve your goal


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  • 30 min Telehealth Service
  • Meal Guidance Discussion with Question and Answer Session
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Custom Nutritional Blueprint
AED 1000
AED 1500
  • 1 Virtual Consulting Session for 45 min
  • A Customized Meal Plan You Can Follow
  • Grocery Lists
  • Weight Loss Journal & Tracker
  • Q&A Email and Text Access Valid for First 30 Days
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30 Days (1 on 1 Coaching)
AED 159
Per Day
  • A Customized Meal Plan You Can Follow
  • Grocery Lists
  • Weight Loss Journal & Tracker
  • 2 Days A Week 30 Min Accountability Call
  • 1 Day A Week One on One In-Person Or Virtual Consulting
  • 24/7 Email and Text Access
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90 Days (1 on 1 Coaching)
AED 122
Per Day
  • A Customized Meal Plan You Can Follow
  • Grocery Lists
  • Weight Loss Journal & Tracker
  • 2 Days A Week 30 Min Accountability Call
  • 1 Day A Week One on One In-Person Or Virtual Consulting
  • 24/7 Email and Text Access
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Maher Elusini C.N., C.N.C., work has profoundly impacted countless middle-aged to senior executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who seek weight loss, increased energy, and peak health.

The International Sports Sciences Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Maher as a nutrition specialist and nutritional consultant. His company, The Million Dollar Body® Academy, provides the highest quality nutritional plans and one-on-one health consultations to achieve weight loss goals and maximize energy levels without a gym membership. Also, Maher is an award-winning international speaker and the author of the Million Dollar Body Series.

With an accumulated wealth of experience, his work now inspires you and many others worldwide to live better, healthier lives.




I came to Maher last year with a huge problem. I was working 11 hours a day and dragging 240 pounds with me everywhere I went. I’m 6 feet so you could imagine the pain and fatigue I was feeling every single day. I finally said “ENOUGH!” and reached out to Maher through a mutual acquaintance and because of that decision, the rest was history. We spoke about the challenges, he recommended a solution accordingly, I hired him on the spot and as a result I lost over 60 pounds in only 7 months. I still use this system and the weight is still off. I feel incredible! I highly recommend Maher’s knowledge to everyone I encounter. I really recommend you to take this serious if you want a permanent health change, because you too can experience it. Maher’s knowledge has allowed me to live with a Million Dollar Body! No regrets!

Sam M. Field Sales Executive


Lost a ton of weight, 20lbs in my first 4 weeks. Trust the process!

Paddy Entrepreneur


I would like to take a moment to thank Maher Elusini. I was the Master of Ceremonies at a large event Maher was speaking at. His talk was about “FOCUSING on your DREAM LIFE by leaving no stone unturned.” After the talk, I interviewed him, and right then and there I hired him to help me achieve the MILLION DOLLAR BODY I wanted. For several months, with his recommendations, I instantly felt empowered. It wasn’t only the diet; it was Maher’s ongoing coaching on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. July 29th, I was 230 lbs. It’s the first week of September and I have leveled at 185 lbs. Thank you, Maher, for your friendship, support and coaching. I absolutely recommend you hire him on your Million Dollar Body journey! I feel like a million dollars!

Gene Vickers Former Chief of RCMP


I met Maher and his beautiful wife in the Bahamas, initially we were joking around about losing weight. He told me he was writing a book about weight loss and it triggered a desire to hire him. I was 226lbs and I’m 183lbs now. It was the one conversation with him that needed to get me started! He motivated me to get going and not to ever look back. After hiring him and reading his book, it was like having my own personal motivational speaker with me everywhere I went, he gave me the confidence to know that my Million Dollar Body IS POSSIBLE. No more guessing! His recipes are wonderful and easy to follow. My wife and I are doing this together, so we can stay on track together. Thank you Maher for inspiring us! I absolutely recommend you hire him.

Giancarlo Lucchetta Entrepreneur


First time I heard about the MILLION DOLLAR BODY program was when I met Maher Elusini summer of 2019..at that time I was just settling to Vancouver and coming from overseas (Jordan) I was carrying at least an extra 22 pounds of fat in my body.
He started speaking about the secrets and methods of how to take charge of your body not only through a food regime to lose weight, but as a lifestyle to maintain it…I was so impressed by the way he explained it along with the facts he gave me. That next morning, I started with his 3 month VIP coaching program and began reading his book.
I absolutely loved it and immediately I got committed to a new lifestyle!! I started losing the weight immediately…my mind experienced a high level of clarity and sharpness like never before, and after hiring him for roughly 2 and a half months, I lost 28 pounds of FAT!!!…I was 231 pounds and I am now 202.
Thank you Maher for your leadership, incredible coaching, and passion..I feel it, I believe it and now I’m living it. I love my MILLION DOLLAR BODY!

Hazem Tarawneh Project Manager


I came in at 202 pounds on the weigh-in scale. I work with clients all day, I needed to have more energy to serve them even better. So I attended this man’s seminar and hired him on the spot. In the 3 weeks he’s been my coach, I am down to 185 already, and the goal is 175. I love how he pushes you, motivates you, and helps you see the big picture. A big thanks to him, he’s transformed my energy and life! I totally recommend you hire him today if you want to achieve the same feeling!

Ken Ross, CBCA Senior Credit Consultant


I have to say to you, after I hired Maher, he assigned a custom eating plan to my dieting protocol. Holy cow! I can’t believe how well it works. I have lost 5 pounds in about 3 weeks. It pushed me to reach my goal weight (total of 15 pounds lost) since January!! Thank you Maher, I wanted to let you know how it helped me!!

Fadwah C.


I always had weight control problems, I tried many things with fair to poor results. I was introduced to the healthy eating life by Maher at a workshop he conducted and I saw the results on him, not only was his physique in fantastic shape, but also with a lot of energy, great mood and a clear mind so I decided to try it. Since then, I can proudly say I haven’t looked back. Maher has been coaching me for a few months now and the results are fantastic. His teachings are not a diet but a way of life.

Raul H. Actor


All diets require some level of sacrifice, you can’t escape that. For me, the key was finding a diet that lined up with a lifestyle that could be sustainable. After talking with Maher extensively, he tailored something for my wife and I and we started the program right away – We found it to be exactly what we were looking for! The weight loss begins almost immediately, and the pounds just keep melting away day after day. In addition to the diet being a great help, not only do you shed extra weight, but you’ll experience many additional benefits that are just as impactful to your well-being. Increased energy, improved mental clarity and alertness throughout the day, disease prevention, and the list goes on. We highly recommend Maher’s expertise not just as a diet, but as a permanent lifestyle for long-term health.

David S.


It’s been a week since I hired Maher, and since I started his eating plan, I’ve noticed a huge change in my energy levels!! Thank you so much Maher for your guidance!!!!

Aman M. Singh Paralegal


Maher’s teachings changed how I see my body. The way he explained the science of eating healthy has been so effective – I feel new! I no longer struggle with brain fog, indigestion, bloating, afternoon crashes or being overweight. I appreciate so much the balance of healthy eating and it has brought to my life. This is definitely a life choice diet I can stick with. And also thank you Maher for the expertise and enthusiasm you shared about living with a MILLION DOLLAR BODY! It was the final push forward we needed!

Rebecca S.


Not only does Maher motivate, inspire and teach you how to successfully follow his diet plan, he does so much more with his energy and passion. A group of us at work hired him and we’ve have all lost several pounds and feel fantastic. No more bloating, tiredness, or loss of energy by the end of the day. I can’t wait to see how we will all do a few months from now!! I highly recommend hiring him if you are interested in living a healthy, happy and vibrant life!!!

Dr. Greg C. Ph.D CEO


Maher, when I heard your speech at the seminar you gave, you inspired me to try this way of life! I’m way more energetic and feel so much happier because of your prescribed morning routine and since then, it has been working on me great! Highly recommend Maher and thanks with a big thumbs up!!

Helen H.Financial Professional


Very well-thought-out program. Easy to follow and track your success. I love the practicality of Million Dollar Body Academy and how anyone can get results 🙂 Thank you M. Elusini!

Omeed K.Tech Executive


Great weight loss program and I regained new levels of energy in just a few weeks – made me perform better in MMA training. Highly recommended!

Toby R MMA Fighter


If you still have a question that isn’t answered, please reach out to our customer service team via WhatsApp business chat anytime: +971 050 369 8863


The program works! We’ve been offering an industry leading sixty-day money-back guarantee to our clients from the start! As long as you follow your custom eating plan and work with your coach, if the program doesn’t work for you, you simply get your money back. As a result, we continue to help countless people lose weight, boost their energy levels, and reach their goals.

Our program has also been proved effective by research:

In less than 6 weeks, clients following our most effective program, the 90-day weight loss plan, had lost significant weight and boosted their energy levels by implementing the personalized eating plan, using the grocery lists, recipes, and having an experienced coach by their side.

The best weight loss success stories also include structured programs with regular in-person/virtual accountability meetings and a holistic approach.
People who meet with a weight loss expert regularly can lose three times more weight than they would on their own.

To begin with, weight loss journeys can sometimes feel like flying in the dark, but do not worry! Our program is designed to be that trusted pilot who has flown that route thousands of times and can ensure a safe arrival at your desired destination! We’ll give you everything you need to lose weight and experience a Million Dollar Body!

You’ll get a Customized Meal Plan You Can Follow, Grocery Lists, Weight Loss Journals & a Tracker, 2 Days A Week with a 30 Min Accountability Call, 24/7 Email and Text Access, and a dedicated coach by your side every step of the way! There is no comparison to that.

We have designed our entire system to help you lose weight and optimize your health with the help of certified nutritionists and certified nutrition coaches.

Most of our clients love the fact that, compared to any other weight loss program, you get a private coach! Get weekly feedback, weight loss advice, tailored meal plans, and more from your coach – by phone or safely in person.

Book your free appointment today and learn how our weight loss plan works.

There has been a scientific consensus. Working with a certified weight-loss expert regularly can help you lose at least two to three times more weight than dieting alone!

Maher Elusini C.N., C.N.C., is a certified nutrition coach with a focus on helping people lose weight and on a mission to guide people like you along your journey to health success. Maher is known for keeping you focused, inspired, and motivated to reach your goal. In addition to tracking your progress and providing feedback, he will customize the program for your lifestyle, making sure that not only will you overcome obstacles, but you’ll also learn successful weight loss strategies you can implement for life.

We have never had anyone hire our services and later regretted it. Two things can happen, either you lose weight and have a healthier life, or nothing happens and your money is refunded!

Several programs are available. As some clients are capable of succeeding without the assistance of anyone, we offer a custom blueprint without coaching services for just $297. However, if they decide to add our coaching services, the fee they originally paid will be automatically subtracted from the coaching package they choose.

Our coaching program is limited to twenty clients every three months. As a result, we are able to give sole focus and energy to each client. Our rates start at just $33.33 CAD a day for our very popular 90-day coaching program or $43.33 CAD for our 30-day program.

No membership fees are required.

Do I have to work out while on the Million Dollar Body Program?

No. Our weight loss program does not require exercise, but including activity in your day is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle in general. If you enjoy exercising and want to include it in your schedule, Maher will help you customize the right program for you.

We do more than help you lose weight; we help you learn a new lifestyle that is built around healthy habits that last a lifetime. With Maher and his award-winning Million Dollar Body dietary program, you’ll learn so much about making the right choices. You learn how to take care of yourself on a daily basis, and how to stay healthy for as long as possible.

Oftentimes, our clients want to lose weight not just to lose weight, but for something greater than themselves. A client once told us “I just want to run around with my 4-year-old, I don’t want to be out of shape and out of energy especially in a few years, family is important, and I want to live healthy for them!” He lost more than 30 lbs (13 kgs) on our program and has kept it off ever since!

In the majority of cases, a maintenance program is not necessary as some of the other weight loss services out there; however, this is something we can discuss when you are there. In the meantime, feel confident you will receive expert advice and motivation from your coach to lose weight, boost your energy levels, and experience a Million Dollar Body!

No. Our weight loss program does not require exercise, but including activity in your day is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle in general. If you enjoy exercising and want to include it in your schedule, Maher will help you customize the right program for you.